Allow Dell DRAC Console in Java

If possible, use Internet Explorer with the console configured for ActiveX as the below instructions allow weak SSL Algorithms in Java.

When launching the DRAC console in Java you may get this error:

To allow the application to launch:

  1. Open the Java Control Panel (Start –> Configure Java)
  2. On the Security tab, add the site to the exceptions list (e.g.
  3. Open JRE_HOME/lib/security/ as an Administrator in a text editor
  4. Find the following 3 lines and comment them out by adding a # before them
  5. Save and re-launch the console.

Please remember that while this fixed your connection problem, you just told Java it is okay to use what is considered an insecure cipher.  Once you finish your remote session, it is highly recommended to reactivate the above commented-out settings in the file.

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