How To Install CentOS 8

  1. Create a USB or Disc from the ISO image of Citrix Hypervisor/XCP-ng
  2. Insert the USB or Disc and boot from it
  3. Press Enter at the boot screen to verify installation media and boot
  4. Select your language and click Continue
  5. Click Software Selection and select the software you want to install. This tutorial covers a minimal installation.

  6. Click Installation Destination to configure automatic or custom partitioning
  7. Click Network & Host Name to configure network settings
  8. Configure any other options available on this screen and click Begin Installation
  9. Click Root Password and enter a root password

  10. Click User Creation to create a non-root local login

  11. Wait for the installation to finish
  12. Click Reboot to boot the operating system. Eject the disc or remove the USB drive at this time.

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