How To Install Citrix Hypervisor / XCP-ng 8.0

  1. Create a USB or Disc from the ISO image of Citrix Hypervisor/XCP-ng
  2. Insert the USB or Disc and boot from it
  3. Press Enter at the boot screen
  4. Select your keymap from the list and press Enter
  5. Select Ok on the welcome screen
  6. Press Enter to accept the EULA
  7. Select your install destination and select whether to use LVM (Thick provisioning) or EXT/File Based (Thin provisioning) for VHDs
  8. Select Local Media for the installation source
  9. Select Verify installation source and click Ok
  10. Enter the root password and select Ok
  11. Select DHCP or enter Static IP information and click Ok
  12. Enter a hostname and up to 3 DNS servers and click Ok
  13. Select your time zone and click Ok
  14. Select Using NTP and click Ok
  15. Enter up to 3 NTP servers select Ok
  16. Click the Install button to begin installation
  17. Select No if you do not have any supplemental packs to install
  18. Installation will complete, select Ok to reboot

  19. The server will now boot to Citrix Hypervisor/XCP-ng

  20. Once booted you will be greeted with the configuration console with the network information to connect with XenCenter


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